Beliefs & Values

Beliefs & Values

Our Beliefs

We are proud and happy 

when we can offer the best products and services 

to bring health and happiness to the human society 

and our customers recognize us as the best.


Core Values


1. Pursuit of the Best

 -Best products and services
 We put our customers' health and well-being first.​ 
 So, of course, our products have to be innovative, high-quality and top-notch.​ 
 We do our best to form a true communication and relationships with our​ 
 customers in addition to offer customer`s satisfaction services.
 -Great Enterprise, Great Employees
 As the best company and the best people, we will set an example for the
 industry and will build a great company that stays healthy for over 200 years.

2. Teamwork & Love
We will form a intense teamwork and trust by loving each other and by  
voluntarily doing our best.

3. Innovation
Experiencing challenges and failures is the way we evolve. We will continue 
to innovate all of our products and services including business and the way
of working.

4. Sincerity

We are honest.

We are devoted and always consistent and fair​.





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