About Sitz-bathing

About Sitz-bathing

1. Sitz-bath Effect for mother after delivering child 

1-1.Sitz bathing is very effective for relieving pain after delivering child


When delivering child, you may feel pain caused by making incision on perineal body. 

Meanwhile, edema may occur due to increased permeability of local blood flow and capillary, which contributing to putting pressure on 

tissue and eventually resulting in causing pain or uncomfortable feeling.


There are several symptoms you may suffer from: infection, an excessive blood loss, pain caused during defecation, urination troubles, 

and pain caused by damaged mucous membrane, muscles, and ligament surrounded by the perineal body. 


In order to improve relieving and curing effectiveness for perineal body, warm-sitting or warming therapy using ray lamp is recommended. 


The aim of warming therapy is to expand blood vessel and improve blood flow to stimulate nutrition supply or discharge waste product 

from body, ultimately relieving pain and curing injuries. 

Taking warming therapy also selectively affect nerve endings to increase pain threshold, relieve connective tissue and lower sensitivity, 

resulting in reduction of convulsion.


1-2. It is also effective treatment for prevention of urinary incontinence

When delivering child, pregnant women may have pelvic muscle or fascia, ligament, nerve damaged, resulting in weakening pelvic muscle 

or bladder neck's leaning downward. 

Those symptoms cannot be relieved unless they practice to strengthen pelvic muscle.​


In case of women at stage of menopause, their muscles are gradually weakened and if they are over weighted, experience lots of 

pregnancies or difficult delivery, urinary incontinence can frequently occur.​


Because delivery itself is significant factor to cause urinary incontinence, possible stress urinary incontinence can be prevented by 

strengthening pelvic muscles and receiving medical treatment for urinary incontinence.

You may use our product in order to prevent urinary incontinence from occurring. 

You can experience massage effect when air bubbles repeatedly pat anal sphincter.(Same as KEGEL exercise.)​ 



1-3. Sitz bathing is very effective preventative measure, especially for many mothers 

who suffer from hemorrhoids


Sitz bathing helps improving your blood flow of anus, relax anal sphincter to reduce congestion and edema in tissue, 

which is leading to prevention of hemorrhoids.​


1-4. Sitz bathing is needed especially by women who suffer from constipation and feeling of cold


Sitz bathing is very effective folk remedy for curing hemorrhoids, constipation, backache, and genital diseases, which it is utmost 

necessary for women who suffer from uterine disease caused by feeling of cold in lower half of bodies.​


Taking sitz bath helps improving blood circulation to not only relieve congestion, but prompt endocrine glands to secrete various kinds of 

hormones so as to make your mind clear and body react quickly. 


Among many physical therapies regarding womb contraction, there is virtually no other effective methods except for infrared light and 

sitz bathing with warm water. Many hospitals are found to be currently performing both infrared light and sitz bathing with warm water. 


Furthermore, it is also found to be an appropriate solution for leukorrhea found frequently among women who experienced delivery of child. ​ 


1-5. ​Furthermore, it also help cleaning anus to prevent virus infection and dermatitis 

that is caused by feces

2. Advantages of sitting bath for patients with hemorrhoid surgery

2-1. The advantages of sitz bathing especially for a hemorrhoids patient 

Piles is a varicose vein created by congestion in plexus haemorrhoids existing in anal canal and lower rectum, which means it's 

the mucous membrane expanded together with blood vessel by blood flow slowed due to application of  excessive pressure to anus.


Therefore, hemorrhoids patient is recommended to take sitz bathing with warm water in order to relieve pain by reducing pressure on anus. 


Meanwhile, the other patient whose piles in early stage is recommended to take repeated sitz bathing with warm water to satisfy 

purpose of conservative treatment-not to proceed to hemorrhoids. 


Sitz bathing help improving blood flow in anal region and relax anal sphincter to reduce congestion in anal region-where blood vessel 

distribution is concentrated-and edema in tissues, which is leading to curing or prevention of hemorrhoids. 


Sitz bathing help preventing not only virus infection by cleaning anal region, but dermatitis caused by feces' stimulation on skin. 


You are recommended to take sitz bathing 3-4 times a day. Make sure that you should completely dry wet skin after doing it. 


The tap water rather than water in which salt or disinfectant is dissolved is recommended because it causes no troubles in anus. 


When taking a sitz bath home, you may habitually do it with body crouched. Such body position is not so desirable 

because it makes blood flow lean downward. 


It is recommended for you to sit in bathtub with sufficient quantity of warm water or put a sort of bowl fit for size of toilet bowl and sit in it. 


At nearly 1,000 tiny wrinkles surrounding anus, various kinds of viruses continues to reproduce themselves, resulting in anal disease. 


You are recommended to wash our anus 3 times a day at least just as you wash your teeth in order to maintain cleanness 

of mouth and teeth. Such effort will help preventing a variety of anal diseases and woman's diseases. 


2-2.The advantages of sitz bathing especially for a hemorrhoids patient 

Sitz bathing guarantees the following effects. 


Complete washing secretion or feces stained on surgery site. 


Reduction of pain in anus by taking sitz bath to reduce pressure within anus.


Prevention of piles from getting worse or from forming new ones.​ 


Relieving pain by relaxation of anal sphincter & helping discharging first feces from body since taking surgery. 


Rapid healing of injuries due to smooth blood circulation. 


2-3.The reasons why you suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy 


If you become pregnant, progesterone is actively released to relieve your large intestine’s muscles, resulting in weakening defecation 

caused by reduction of muscle contraction.​


While baby is inside of mother's womb, the weight of your belly may put more excessive pressure on anus to interrupt blood flow 

of lower limb and anus, resulting in worsening hemorrhoids symptom. 


While suffering from hemorrhoids, you may worsen its symptom by naturally putting more excessive pressure on anus when delivering child. 


You also may suffer from deepened pain by worsened hemorrhoids because you do not receive appropriate medical treatment 

for reason it may be harmful for baby. 


How to cure mother's hemorrhoids

You are required to drink much water and eat vegetables enough to make your feces soft, and clean your anus with flowing water instead of tissue.


The most effective medical treatment for you is to have a surgery, but cannot be allowed when you are pregnant. 


Instead, you can make alternative choice (medicine or physical therapy) if your hemorrhoids symptom is not so bad.


Taking Constipation relaxant, ingesting fiber or sitz bathing is also recommendable for curing hemorrhoids while receiving medical treatment.


You may sense acute pain in anus even after receiving medical treatment. In that case, you are recommended to consider having appropriate surgery. 


You don't need to be too worried because the latest surgery technique guarantees it has no any harmful effect for baby.


Continuing to practice periodical sitz bathing helps improving your blood flow, leading to very effective prevention of hemorrhoids 

as well as rapid curing of injuries.​ 

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